Sudni Heritage - a word about your visitors

Some may call it visitor experience, others customer service but it is essential for every visitor facing business from museums to shops and galleries to B&Bs, it can make or break your business. It isn't rocket science but it can easily go badly wrong. In the current climate of instant feedback on internet sites such as Trip Advisor when it goes wrong, it can have a long lasting effect on your business.

We've all had at least one great visitor experience and one terrible one. Sometimes it's as simple as slow service or a dirty sink in a hotel bathroom and sometimes the staff are rude and unhelpful. As a business what can you do to improve your visitors experience?

There are lots of simple and effective solutions. Training your staff comprehensively is a solid start, if your staff have a good induction training, they will know what is expected of them and more importantly the standard to which it should be done. Then look at on the job training, making sure they understand their role and how they fit in the team. They may then require further training to meet legal requirements or refresher training to keep standards high. If you really want to invest in your staff you could look at specialist training. Well trained staff are happier in their work which then leads to better customer service. Contact us for bespoke training packages to meet yours, your staff and of course your visitors needs.

Managers need to monitor staff and standards to ensure they meet company and legal standards, managers should always lead by example.

How do you know how well you are doing? Evaluations are an important part of any business, you might ask visitors to complete a paper or email survey after a guided tour, they might tweet, facebook or post a review on Trip Advisor. However your visitors choose to give you feedback it is essential to take it on board. If you find the same issues are being mentioned a number of times you might want to make some changes or alterations to improve the service. If you need some help finding your way with your social media, we can help you with that too!

Have you ever thought of having an audit of your business? Have someone from outside the establishment to look at standards? Having a new pair of eyes look at your business can help you see things that have just become routine to you and that you have missed. They might have ideas and suggestions you have never thought of to help you business grow and improve your visitors experience. Sudni offers this service, we can tailor the audit of your premises to focus on areas you think need improving or changing. With a full report after the visit and a follow up from our consultants, please get in touch for a quote or to discuss your needs further.

At Sudni, we want to use our expertise to make you visitors have a more enjoyable experience which in turn will help your business grow.