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Classroom-based training

In today's market there are a number of different ways to carry out Food Safety training including classroom based activities and online courses. Online courses are a cheaper alternative, but do they provide the same quality learning? The answer is no. Although the course syllabus is the same, doing a taught course allows the trainer to pitch the learning to match the trainees needs. It stretches the trainees in different ways and most importantly it allows the trainees to share best practise and their experiences with the group to provide a more interactive learning environment.

In a classroom environment learning can go at a steady pace, there is no chance of being interrupted by a telephone call or being called away to another job. There is a focus on learning and in understanding the course content rather than just clicking through the course to get to the end and then back out on to the shop floor like with an e-learning course.

I recently spoke to an Environmental Health Practitioner who told me premises where classroom based CIEH training has taken place have a significantly better understanding of Food Safety policy than where staff are taught by e-learning. When time is valuable e-learning may look like a better alternative but in the long run, staff will more comprehensively understand what is important to control to produce food safely when taught it in a classroom environment.

Sudni Training recommends CIEH classroom taught course, at least for first time learners, to give a more rounded education in Food Safety. In the long run it is essential for your business that staff are correctly and thoroughly trained.

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